Tampere Asbestos and Fiber Laboratory

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We have recently opened a new Asbestos and Fiber Laboratory in Tampere, Finland. We are fully equipped with the newest technology in asbestos research field. We also have high competence in fiber analysis. Therefore we are able to analyse the samples reliable within 24 hours.

We participate in AIMS (Asbestos in Materials Scheme).


In the beginning of 2016 came into force a new legislation related to asbestos in Finland. According to this legislation it is obligatory to survey the concentration and type of asbestos in those buildings that are constructed before 1994 and are about to dismantle or renovate.

Asbestos fibers (crocidolite) in a magnification of 2500 times under scanning electron microscopy.

Asbestos fibers (anthophyllite) in a magnification of 125 times under polarised light microscopy.